Great Regular and Freelance Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

Great Regular and Freelance Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

What would you say was the best thing about of going out to work? Whatever it is, chances are that keeping a strict schedule, and commuting to work aren’t a part of what makes any job particularly desirable to you. Think about what  remote it jobs  Makes a home job particularly convenient. Technology makes it possible for you to carry out most parts of your job with complete competence even out of bed. The best part is, jobs for stay-at-home moms don’t have to be freelance ones either. A lot of the jobs we list here are regular ones – it’s just that they don’t require you to sit at a desk at the office.

Work as an administrative assistant is just one of those tailor-made jobs for stay-at-home moms. An administrative assistant doesn’t need to be the kind that always sits there in an office looking impeccable, greeting everyone who walks in. With virtual offices becoming as popular as they have, administrative assistants can work out of a home office and help their bosses put together documents and schedule their day.

A court reporter is one of those quiet types who sits there in front of the judge in a court of law, transcribing everything that happens in the process of a court hearing. Can this be done remotely? As jobs for stay at home moms go, this one’s a real hit. A court reporter has skills that are useful outside of court too. There is lots of employment there to be had with these skills, typing out closed captions for TV broadcasts, and even for business conferences and meetings. These make for great freelance work.

Companies don’t have to go to Bangalore, India to set up their call centers to get their customer service work done for less. One of the best ways there are for companies to cut down on the cost of running a customer contact center is to not run a centralized office for it at all, but to form it out to people working out of a home office. People who are able to set aside a part of their day to work as a customer service representative can have an easy go of the job. It can be an easy-going experience answering the phone when a potential customer calls, right out of home.

And finally, if you have the right qualifications, working as a personal financial advisor for a financial services company out of home or as a paralegal for a law firm, can be particularly rewarding work. With all the right qualifications, you can easily advice people on their financial options and help a lawyer draft documents, do research and the like. The best part is, it’s easy to get to do this work on the Internet right out of your home.

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