Are Tech Stocks a Good Play?

Is this a fun opportunity to put resources into tech stocks? Quite recently an associate of mine revealed to me that he purchased a lot of tech-stocks and he disclosed to me he’d been watching the diagrams and that he accepted innovation stocks were beginning to run, obviously, when he revealed to me this they were up and had effectively run their course.

Evidently, they had an uptick in the earlier three or four days of almost 10%. That is a huge move in the area in an exceptionally short measure of time. Innovation stocks are regularly very unstable, and a considerable lot of the bigger tech-stocks like Intel, HP, Apple, AMD, Applied Materials, Cisco, and others have announced fair quarterly benefits as of late.

In any case, there were additionally numerous tech stocks that have not yet announced. After two days Microsoft came in with a 30% lessening in benefits, which sent all the innovation stocks down a bit. I asked my companion; “For what reason didn’t you simply purchase the QQQQ or XLK?”


He gave me some routine about an extraordinary program that had bunches of arithmetic and diagrams and showed that it was smarter to purchase those stocks that he purchased. In any case, they all fell the following day, as other PC innovation stocks announced their profit or scarcity in that department.

How much further are the specialists going to run,

Furthermore, for how long after the Obscuration of the Sun?

May be a decent long haul play, it’s difficult to say?

They clearly did great today and in case you were at that point in hip, hip Yippee!

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