Objects That Should Never Be In the Storage Unit

Objects That Should Never Be In the Storage Unit

Self storage is an excellent storage tool to help you free up space in your home or office by storing them in a centralised place that can is easily accessible. Self storage can be thought of as a storeroom outside your home. No matter if you are using the storage unit for business 5.7×28  or personal reasons, you need to bear in mind that there are things you cannot store due to various reasons. Restrictions are in place to deter the storage of these items and heavy penalties are often meted out to protect the interest of other customers. You may argue that you had no idea what are the prohibited items and this is thus the purpose of this article.


Pets are strictly prohibited in any self storage units around the world and hiding them is almost impossible due to the noises they make and the smell they emit. Keeping animals in a self storage unit is also unethical and may raise concern of animal welfare groups. Pets will need to be taken care of all the time and they tend to defecate wherever they can and this will lead to hygiene issue in the unit itself as well as the surrounding ones.


Plants are living objects that needs sunlight in order to photosynthesis. Self storage units are windowless and are definitely unable to meet the needs of plants. Keeping them in a dry, dark and cool place while depriving them of food will cause them to die and rotting plants do not smell pleasant.


Combustibles are considered inherently dangerous materials and some common ones include gasoline, compressed gas, propane tanks, kerosene, fertilizer and paint. Fireworks, weapons or ammunition are also a strict no-no. Not only are these materials dangerous to others, they can also cause harm to you when you are moving it. Some are also prohibited by law and you will have to pay a hefty penalty if found in your possession.

Construction Equipment

Equipment used in construction is often heavy and bulky and proper storage is needed for them. Due to a lack of storage space, most companies simply leave their tools at the worksite. It may seem convenient to store all the construction tools in a self storage but some are not allowed due to their dangerous nature. Tools like the Jackhammer are dangerous and can cause damages to the entire self storage facility.

Although self storage is an extremely convenient form of storage, it is important to make a list of what you wish to store and go through them with the manager. This can help identify what are some of the prohibited items you have and how best to store them elsewhere.

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