nnovation Is Great, But What Happens When It Can’t Get Out of the Gate – Or Stay in Vegas?

nnovation Is Great, But What Happens When It Can’t Get Out of the Gate – Or Stay in Vegas?

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Everyone seems to like the idea of Google Glass, those cool computer mobile tech devices you wear as glasses. The promise of such future technology is nothing short of Science Fiction-like. Still, how can we move forward when such new innovation also creates more privacy concerns as well? Okay so, let’s talk shall we?

The Mercury News in Silicon Valley had an interesting article on June 5, 2013 titled; “Casinos ban gamblers from using Google Glass,” by Wayne Parry which stated that; “Casinos in several states are forbidding gamblers from wearing Google Glass, the tiny eyeglasses-mounted device capable of shooting photos, filming video and surfing the Internet. Regulators say the gadgets could be used to cheat at card games.”

Indeed it could get worse than that, consider  แอพคาสิโน  this if “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” and why that famous motto and slogan attracts tourists. It basically is saying, come to Vegas, have fun, let your hair down and don’t worry about it. Whatever fun you have is okay, no one back home ever has to know anything about it. Sure, sounds great, but if folks are running around with Google Glasses and they have FRT – Face Recognition Technologies then every person they see will be recorded, plus it will give them the names of the people and information on them.

The system might have an app to go to Facebook and look through 1 billion people and it will know it’s you by your facial signature. So, now that information is not only available to anyone wearing those glasses, but if could be shared with the Internet, Big Brother, or anyone else as well, a criminal for instance. So this goes well beyond the argument of the casinos and gaming commission of people counting cards, cheating, or ripping off the house as in the Movie; 21.

By the way, I met the screenwriter of that movie once for coffee in a California resort golfing town, but didn’t know who he was until we started talking, had I had those Google Glasses I would have immediately. Are you beginning to see the problem – I mean we have enough paparazzi and privacy invasion as it is with all the other technology we have out there. Does this mean we ought to forgo such awesome technologies? No, perhaps it just means that the world is changing and it is time to adapt or die – you choose which.

Having some tips from a Las Vegas veteran can be super helpful when planning your first trip to the city that never sleeps. There are items you should not leave home without when traveling to Vegas, there are bits of free entertainment to enjoy during your stay, and where you stay can make or break your trip. When it comes to a Las Vegas vacation a little bit of preparation goes a LONG way.

Here are 5 great Vegas veteran tips to help save you money, time, and frustration.

Vegas Veteran Tip #1: Time your booking right!

It is important to remember that airlines often offer better deals to travelers who book 14-21 days in advance.

Look for small airlines that you may not use for other domestic travel but may offer great rates to Las Vegas.

Sign up for airfare alerts so you get a notice when prices drop from your location to Las Vegas.

Did you know Tuesday evenings are the BEST time to book flights? An insider tip states that airlines tend to release and match all new specials by Tuesday making it the best day to book airfare.

Vegas has an off season! I know, you are shocked I was as well. From Thanksgiving through the Christmas holiday is considered the off-season in Vegas and many shows go dark during days they would normally be up and running. If you travel during this time be diligent about ensuring you can do what you want during your visit. This is a GREAT time to enjoy Las Vegas with a few less visitors and with cooler temperatures for those that prefer a less crowded atmosphere.

Vegas Veteran Tip #2: Pack your best Nike’s, running shoes are a must when taking on the Vegas strip!

Take it from me, cabs in Vegas can be very expensive if you rely on them for transportation (plus you miss a big part of the sights on the strip). You will be doing a lot of walking even if it is just the interior parts of the hotel/casinos. Having some shoes that fit well and cushion your feet will go a LONG way during your stay in Las Vegas.

If you get to Las Vegas and you have forgotten your favorite running shoes, there is a Ross on the strip, which provides a cheap alternative to the Prada store.


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