Are All Baby Cot & Cotbed Mattresses the Same?

New parents to be will spend weeks or even months deciding on the style of cot or cotbed and nursery furniture, and once that is all done, a final after thought will be the mattress.

Really it should be the other way around. The mattress is the most important decision in the nursery, if you think about it for a while, how many doona  hours do you think your baby will be laying on the mattress you have chosen, through all their crucial developmental months as their backs and neck develop? The support from the mattress must be of the highest level to ensure a comfy well -supported sleep.

In general most stores will recommend using a foam mattress for cots and spring mattresses for cotbeds is a good guide.  Purely from an economic point of view, if your cot is only going to last 2 years then a foam mattress will see out the life of the cot. However, a cotbed will last 5-6 years and a foam mattress will only really last 2 years and have to be replaced, whereas a spring mattress will see out the life of the cotbed.

However, if your budget will stretch a little further a spring mattress would always be preferable.

Foam mattresses are made from a high density ventilated foam and allows the most freedom of size and shape.  If you have an older cot or non-standard size then foam is probably the most suitable option.

A spring mattress is produced in the same way as a full sized adult mattresses and offers more support as the metal coils spring move as weight is applied.  Pocket spring mattresses are the most expensive but offer the most support and individual springs move independently to offer the best night’s sleep.

There are other options including bamboo with its natural anti bacterial qualities and fiber mattresses which consist of coconut husk as a natural supportive core.  Speak to your local nursery specialist for advice on the best option for you.


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