A Baker’s Dozen of the Hottest Las Vegas Clubs

A Baker’s Dozen of the Hottest Las Vegas Clubs

Although gambling is still “king” in Las Vegas, over the last few years the Vegas scene now includes many other ways to spend a bundle. Chief among these alternatives to the casinos are the rash of hot nightclubs that have opened in most of the top Vegas venues. These spectacular clubs cater to the young and beautiful (both real and “wannabes”).

The introduction of the famous, or should I say “infamous”, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” catch phrase marked the end of the city’s attempt to portray Sin City as a family friendly place to take the kids on vacation. The new theme ทางเข้าจีคลับ makes it clear that no matter what you might do while in Vegas, once you have gone home – and paid your credit card bills – all your sins will be forgiven.

As a result, the nightlife scene in Vegas has never been hotter. There have never been as many extravagant nightclubs, high profile lounges and sexy strip bars as there are now. It seems that every club owner is doing their best, and spending as much money as possible, to attract not only high rollers, but also A-list celebrities and the publicity that inevitably surrounds them.

It seems that gambling has taken a backseat to lounging by the pool during the day and howling at the moon after dark while dancing half naked at the latest trendy club until well after the sun has risen.

So, if you feel like dancing the night away on your next trip to Las Vegas, why not check out one of these top clubs?

1. Pure – Caesar’s Palace

2. Rain – The Palms

3. CatHouse – Luxor

4. The Bank – Bellagio

5. Studio 54 – MGM Grand

6. Body English – Hard Rock Casino

7. Voodoo Lounge – The Rio

8. Tryst – The Wynn

9. Lavo – Palazzo Hotel

10. Forty Deuce – Mandalay Bay

11. Jet – The Mirage

12. Coyote Ugly – New York, New York

13. XS – Encore (Wynn)

If you plan to visit one of the top Las Vegas clubs there are a few things you should do to help ensure that you have a great night out.

* Be sure that you dress appropriately for the specific club you plan to attend. Each club seems to have its own standard of acceptable clubwear. You would be wise to do a little homework to learn what the club guests usually wear. You might swing by the club on an earlier night and watch the club entrance to see who is admitted and who fails to make the grade.

* Be aware that you may not get past the front door, no matter how much you want to. Club lines are not exactly models for the democratic process. Go early and be prepared for a long wait. Check with the concierge at your hotel to see if they can give you any advice to help you gain entry. VIP passes are often available, either as casino “comps” or for purchase so be sure to inquire.

* Be sure to take along enough money. This is particularly important for guys. These clubs are not cheap. Part of the allure is that they are “exclusive” (code name for expensive). Don’t be surprised if you end up with a cover charge and food and drink prices that would normally feed a family of four for a month.

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